Apparently, the future of housing design is now! Between this home’s eco-friendly construction and its use of solar power to combat climate change, we’re wondering where we can find such a dreamy place! We’d love to find a gem with no negative climate impact that’s also unique with innovative design.

Luckily for us, the answer to our environmentally-friendly housing goals lies with spouses, Dan Wood and Amale Andraos. In the New York Magazine, Wood and Andraos discuss how their NYC firm, WorkAC, connects natural heat and light with a completely livable place in the southwest desert.

Credit: Work Architecture Company /

But let’s face it—living in the desert tends to get hot so just how will Wood and Andraos accommodate?

First of all, the dynamic duo created a way to use underground ducts to cool air, and we must say, it’s pretty darn clever.

Plus, did we mention the solar panels on the roof?! This is THE house of the future and we’re ready to move into one, ASAP!


So what else does this sweet house have going for it? A lot, actually! Besides the solar panels, greenhouse, adobe brick walls, and natural heating and cooling, the house also offers a central column to keep its carbon footprint small, a gorgeous patio equipped with a shading overhang, and a cool aesthetic overlooking the desert.

We’re not sure there could be a better house in existence — especially one that fights back against climate change so effectively — so whenever these two design the next one, we’re all over it!