jessica tholmer
Updated Jan 06, 2018 @ 11:52 am
Photo of Young Woman Shopping Online
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Let’s be real. Amazon has made online shopping, and our lives, that much easier. But we’d be lying if we didn’t admit there was at least one problem with the giant online retailer — and that’s the issue of fraudulent reviews. Now, thanks to FakeSpot, there’s a way to spot the fake ones in an instant.

Some of us already know how to online shop like bosses. We literally buy everything on the internet at this point. And while there are a ton of online shopping hacks to help us save money on our purchases, checking the reviews is one of our favorite ways to make sure we’re not being ripped off. We trust our peers more than anyone else, right?

Unfortunately, lots of online reviews are created by people who work for the company or otherwise benefit from the product being sold. Some people even get paid to leave especially glowing reviews that fail to mention the potential negatives of a product. If reviews aren’t honest, a lot of people are going to end up with bum headphones or a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t really suck up your cat’s hair at all.

What’s more, the problem of fake Amazon reviews is getting even worse, according to Forbes.

Enter FakeSpot.

FakeSpot is a totally free tool we should all check out before we purchase something on Amazon. Simply copy and paste an Amazon product link into Fakespot’s search bar for added confidence in your shopping choices.

The tool quickly analyzes reviews for the product in question, searching for a number of red flags. Fakespot checks for grammar and spelling, the number of reviews and ratings, and anything else that could be considered ~suspicious~. For example, it can spot brand-new Amazon reviewers who have left just one incredibly positive product review.

FakeSpot knows all.

FakeSpot then provides a grade for the reviews, and this is where it can get tricky. If a product gets an “F” on FakeSpot, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad product. It just means it has questionable reviews. If you still really want to buy that double-decker pot and lid storage drawer for your kitchen, it’s up to you.

Bad reviews don’t always mean bad products. Bad reviews mean *maybe* you should do a bit more research before hitting the “place your order” button.

Fakespot is just one tool that can help you narrow down the seemingly endless online shopping options. Shop wisely, and always leave truthful reviews — it’ll benefit you later.