Olivia Harvey
March 27, 2017 1:40 pm
Getty Images / Thomas Trutschel

Watch out Facebook fans! Your News Feed is about to get a whole lot whackier! According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing out a fun new GIF button, which users will be able to use when commenting on posts. This new feature will work similarly to the GIF button on your Facebook Messenger app, and will retrieve GIFs from Giphy and Tenor for you to use. TechCrunch reached out to Facebook for confirmation on the test, to which Facebook replied,

Sure, it’s just a test. But we’re still like —

Facebook is seemingly late to the GIF game, but the site has stayed away from the animated pics for a reason. GIFs were thought to distract users from the actual news on their News Feeds, therefore Facebook delayed adding GIFs to the menu, even though they had the technology to do this years ago.

Slowly, but surely, Facebook started introducing similar medias like auto-play videos and allowed for GIFs to be posted by pages and ads, says TechCrunch. Finally, Facebook allowed users to link GIFs into comments, and then provided GIFs in their messenger app in 2015.

Facebook realized that GIFs are truly the way of the future. People love GIFs. We just do.

Users will still not be able to post a GIF directly to their News Feed. But perhaps if GIF comments do well, then this feature will be introduced later down the road. Just imagine the comment debates between friends and family members now!

Have fun, kids. Use your GIFs wisely.