Credit: Daria Nepriakhina/Flickr

Sometimes when something awesome happens to you, the hardest decision you have to face is how you want to share it with the rest of the world. Will you share it in real time on Snapchat? Or will you post it up to your Instagram feed? But what if you really want your crush to see and they only follow you on Snapchat but not Instagram or visa versa?

Credit: HBO/giphy

Well, worry not because as each of these photo sharing apps becomes increasingly popular, they’re starting to have more and more features that are extremely similar to each other.

Not long after Snapchat introduced their new “Memories” feature which allows you to save and categorize your snaps and stories so you can repost them as often as your heart desires, the Facebook-owned app Instagram is now offering something very Snapchat-y with their new “Stories” feature.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained the feature in a recent post:

So, basically, the new feature will allow you to string together a group of pictures and short videos into a story that will only last 24 hours. Oh and also you can now add fun drawings and interactive filters to your Insta pictures as well. All of which, of course, sounds super familiar.


The new “Stories” feature for Instagram is already available with the latest version of the app.

So now you’ll have all sorts of ways of sharing about your totally awesome life on any social media platform you desire with all the playful features you enjoy available to you no matter how you choose to share.