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Facebook is expanding the way you can play games with your Facebook friends online.

The social media platform just announced a big upgrade to Instant Games, aka the mini games you can play within Facebook Messenger. Instant Games first launched in November to 30 countries but is now expanding to be available for everyone who uses their messaging app.

The app will now support turn-based games, meaning you can play against friends in turn-by-turn gameplay, all within your Facebook message to them. (Yep, that means you don’t need to play Space Invaders by yourself anymore).

Credit: Shutterstock

Players can also compete in global leaderboards through the messenger app, in case they feel like taking their games international.

Facebook is also adding new titles to their expanding list of games, including the ever-popular Words With Friends, which suits the turn-based gameplay. As of right now, there are 50 total games available to play.

What are you waiting for? Get messaging!