Credit: Disney/Pixar

Pittsburgh and San Francisco aren’t the only cities experimenting with ground-breaking technologies. Orlando wants to have an technological impact on the world, as well. And has plans to make Disney’s Epcot the place for autonomous cars.

This should come as no surprise to those who know about Walt Disney’s vision for the Orlando park. Epcot, which is short for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,” was supposed to serve as a wonderland for tech junkies. In fact, before his passing, Walt Disney purchased land all around Orlando to expand Epcot. But he unfortunately died before anything was ever enacted.

But, Walt Disney wasn’t the only one to have high hopes for the city. Orlando officials envision the town to be the place for electronic wonders, as well. And, boy are they serious about it. The city is launching a plan to turn Orlando into a futuristic utopia, just like what we’ve seen on The Jetsons. We’re talking self-driving cars, monorails, buses, and anything else you can possibly think of that would make getting from point A to B a cinch.

As Mayor Buddy Dryer told Mashable, there’s no better place to test new self driving cars, and other automotive inventions than Orlando.

Credit: REGG NEWTON/Getty Images

We’d honestly have to agree. Especially, since we’ve experienced the hustle and bustle of Disney parks first hand.

Additionally, using Orlando to test new inventions goes hand-in-hand with Walt Disney’s intended legacy. And might we add, there’s more than enough land in the area to get your testing on.

They don’t call Disney World “the most magical place on earth” just for show.