"Disloyal Man" meme
Credit: Emma Lord /

Memes come and go quickly — but the “Disloyal Man” meme has taken the world by storm this week. If you don’t know the meme, which took over the internet, we’ll explain. Basically, there are some stock photos of a man with his girlfriend continually checking out another woman. Things quickly spiraled as the girlfriend and other woman became stand-ins for buying new books instead of reading the ones you have, daydreaming about dinner instead of eating lunch, and anything else you can think of. Obviously, we all loved it.

The stock photo in the meme came from Antonio Guillem, and while the original series gave us plenty of meme opportunities, the follow up stories have our heads spinning. So now, not only is there a continuation to the story but there is also a prequel! And trust us, they’re pretty insane.

Spoiler alert: The girls find each other and ditch the “Disloyal Man.”

And the “jealous girlfriend” has a pretty dark backstory, too.

Let’s start with the jealous girlfriend and her background story. For those who haven’t seen the tweet, a series of stock photos reveals a pretty depressing origin story for our star. She was happy, having a baby, and loved her daughter. Then her daughter gets sick — and we can assume from another photo that she even dies.

Pretty dark, right? And the pictures are even more shocking because we’ve only known her as angrily staring at her boyfriend.

But now her story seems a little bit better. After ditching the boyfriend with the wandering eyes, it seems as if our girls have found love with each other.

Romance is real, guys. We’re so excited for this development. Basically, the two girls get tired of him and they run off together. As they should! false

But we’re not the only ones who are obsessed with the meme. There are even jokes that the stars of the memes themselves love them.

So will we have another story come out about these three? Maybe we’ll get the backstories of the man and the other woman. But for now, we’re just happy for something like this to distract us for a bit.