Kenya Foy
November 28, 2016 9:06 am
Brent Lewin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The internet is absolutely crucial in our everyday lives, but after years of creating accounts and signing up for services, you’ve more than likely accumulated a ton of electronic garbage that needs tidying up, or in more extreme cases, you might be ready to delete your internet presence altogether. Whether you simply want to banish that old email account to the furthest corner of cyberspace or anxiety tied to internet use has you wanting to go full-fledged ghost mode, there’s an app for that., an app highlighted by The Daily Dot, allows you to finally disassociate yourself from your old email address or any other accounts you’ve created online, including profiles on sites like Facebook, Evernote, Dribble and more.

Apparently, doesn’t work like a nuclear button that instantly obliterates all evidence that you ever existed online. Users must sign in with their Google accounts, then the app uses this info to connect them with links to delete accounts of their choosing. Some delete links aren’t yet available, so anyone wishing to permanently get rid of that random account collecting cyberspace dust will have to perform the search themselves.

With an onslaught of trolling, way too many passwords to remember, piled up services you no longer need or just the need to keep your internet presence updated, the upkeep of all your online biz can honestly become overwhelming at times.

Or you could simply go the trash your computer route, which is less effective but probably way more gratifying.