Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 09, 2016 @ 3:08 pm
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moon zoom
Credit: Tim McCartney/Unsplash

Whether you’re photography obsessed or new to the art, prepare to fall head over heels with this ridiculously good camera—which, by the way, can literally zoom into the surface of the MOON. Yeah, we’re serious. No joke; it’s just *that* good.

Credit: Comedy Central / www.cc.com

Behind the magical moment

According to Colossal, photographer Daniel Pelletier zoomed all the way from a parking lot in Quebec to the crater-y perfection that is our moon, proving that even the average person can get a truly magical camera in hand — and no, we don’t mean an iPhone (although, to be fair, iPhone cameras are really bomb). The recently released Nikon COOLPIX P900 has over 230 reviews (and an overall four and a half star rating), and was the incredible tool that allowed Pelletier to get this absurdly good shot.

Credit: Colossal / www.thisiscolossal.com

So how does it work?

According to Colossal, DL Cade of PetaPixel, explained the situation.“The P900 features 166x ‘Dynamic Fine Zoom,’ putting the final equivalent focal length at a mind-numbing 4000mm.”

Basically, the film has a built in zoom combined with a digital zoom, so your camera is way more powerful than if you were relying on the built in zoom alone. It’s rad as heck.

The video will blow your mind even more.

Edited by Sci-Tech Universe, this is proof that while we may not yet have *real* hover boards, we’re doing a pretty decent job with our futuristic~ tech.