Just when you thought Snapchat couldn’t get more addictive, the company announced today that they’re partnering with Bitmoji to allow users to insert their personalized avatars into their Snaps. Two of our favorite worlds are colliding!

We feel like Christmas came early this year!

Here’s the video Snapchat posted to announce the exciting news

If you already have a Bitmoji account (and we know you do), then all you have to do is link it to your Snapchat to start adding Bitmojis to your Snapchats.

Say it with us now:

Snapchat posted a comic strip on their blog espousing their love for Bitmoji (which they bought in March for $100 million, so yeah, they REALLY love it) and sharing some examples of how to use Bitmoji in your Snaps. We are straight-up salivating at all the possibilities.

Credit: Snapchat Blog

Another fun development that comes along with this announcement? Friendmoji! Snapchat users can combine their Bitmojis with friends’ to create scenes and reactions together. Again, the possibilities are endless. Your Bitmoji will never have to whip and nae nae alone again!

The only thing that could possibly make this better? If we could possibly throw Pokémon Go into the mix somehow, then all of our favorite things would be together and we’d never have to open a new app ever again.