Ashley Rey
January 14, 2017 10:38 am
kazoka30 / Getty Images

What do you do when two bidet companies start a Twitter fight on the web? Stand back and watch — that’s what! Bidet experts Brondell and Bio Bidet went head-to-head over the interwebs to win the heart and loyalty of one lucky comedian, and there were too many awesome poop-puns to count.

YouTube personality Steve Zaragoza professed his dream to be endorsed by a bidet company in the future, and it lead to the very public, and hilarious, brawl between the classy cleansers. The Twitter feud was one of the best we’ve witnessed since Wendy’s and Burger King let each other have it on the platform!

It all started with this tweet from comedian Steve Zaragoza.

Bidet brand Brondell was the first to catch wind of Steve’s tweet, and attempted to make his prophecy come true.

And just when the comedian started to consider Brondell for a partnership of a lifetime…

…Bio Bidet decided they wanted a stake in this fight.

And that’s when things got…interesting.

The rival bidet companies showed no mercy on one another, and it was glorious.

We’re so happy the feud ended before the companies hit too low below the belt. (Not the best poop-pun, but you have to give us an A for effort, LOL.)