Jill Layton
Updated Sep 08, 2016 @ 1:06 pm

Unless you’ve been completely avoiding all sources of news since yesterday (until right now, of course), you’ve probably heard the rumor that the new iPhone 7 won’t include a headphone jack.

We’re here to inform you that the rumor is, in fact, true. The headphone jack will soon be a thing of the past. It’s basically already vintage.

Credit: Tumblr / giphy.com

During yesterday’s event, Apple explained why its getting rid of the headphone jack. For starters, with the tiny hole for headphone, the phone can finally be water resistant. It also frees up space inside the phone for other tech, as well as furthers Apple’s vision for better audio.

Credit: Disney / giphy.com

A pair of Lightning earbuds, as well as an adaptor for traditional headphone jacks (AKA a dongle), will be included in the box with the iPhone 7.

If you happen to lose your dongle (can’t take the word dongle seriously, you guys) and therefore can’t listen to music with your (all of a sudden outdated) headphones, you can purchase a replacement dongle for $9.


This is the first time an Apple announcement has focused on what the new phone will lack, rather than what it’ll gain. For those of you who already own wireless headphones, the switch shouldn’t be a huge deal. But for those who still have normal headphones, you’re going to have to shell out some money if you want headphones that are more comfortable than the ones Apple provides (pretty much all headphones, probably).

RIP headphone jack.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / giphy.com