Daryl Lindsey
November 29, 2016 2:11 pm

Craving a dose of nostalgia? Your favorite childhood games are headed to an unlikely place: The Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook will allow outside game developers to create games for the messenger app, Facebook announced on Tuesday.

Why play a game in a messenger app, you ask? Well, Facebook wants to bring out the competitive side of you and your friends. While in a message thread with one or more friends, users can tap an icon that looks like a video game controller, then play a round of an available title. The score will be added to the chat, allowing your friends to challenge the score and try to beat you.

In a press release, Facebook says they hope the addition will revitalize gaming within social media apps – a trend that has been on a downswing since Farmville. 


“There was a golden age of social gaming which was mainly on the Facebook platform where games were built on a social platform,” says David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of messaging products. “That hasn’t happened since.”

Does this mean Aunt Mildred will start sending game requests straight to our inbox, now? Only time will tell.