Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Jan 26, 2018 @ 4:05 pm
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Although Apple seems to be unbelievably late to the game, the company is finally releasing its first smart speaker. The HomePod will compete with Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Google Home, and the newer Sonos One. With a price tag of $349, it sure seems expensive, especially compared to the budget-friendly Google Home Mini and Echo Dot. But there are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy Apple’s HomePod.

The HomePod became available to preorder on January 26th, but it’s not officially on sale until February 9th, 2018. That feels like light years away from when Google released Google Home in 2016. Yet, as Apple devotees are well aware, there’s no reason to doubt the tech giant. So while the HomePod is similar to Google Home, there may be features that will sell you on it.

It should be noted that the HomePod is not without faults. As of right now, the most important feature of the HomePod is its speaker, meaning that it doesn’t exactly compare to Amazon and Google’s technology. And did we mention it costs nearly $350? Because you can buy an Echo from $49.99 to $229.99, with the latter having a screen included. And Google Homes? They start at $49. With the Apple device, there are currently no cheaper options.

However, don’t let the price alone deter you if you’re truly interested in a HomePod. In fact, here are some reasons why it may be worth the cost to you.

1You don’t already own a smart speaker.

If you already have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, then you may want to skip the HomePod. But if you’ve been waiting anxiously for Apple’s version of a smart speaker, now is your moment.

2You love Apple products.

Some people only go for Apple when it comes to technology. If your computer is a Mac and your smartphone is an iPhone — and you wouldn’t have it any other way — then the HomePod’s cost probably doesn’t even bother you.

3You use Apple Music.

As The Verge pointed out, the HomePod only works with Apple Music when it comes to voice commands. So if you prefer other music streaming services, like Spotify, the HomePod won’t be the best for you. But if you’re paying the monthly fee for Apple Music anyway, then this is your jam (box).

4You like the way it looks.

Aesthetics can greatly influence a person’s decision to make a purchase. Since these smart speakers are a fixture of your home, it’s fair to go with a product based on looks. The HomePod comes in white or black, is covered in mesh, and stands just under 7 inches tall.

5You’re into privacy.

Digital Trends reported that sending and receiving personal messages on the HomePod can only be tied to one iCloud account. And if your phone is not on the same WiFi as the HomePod, messages won’t come through. While the one iCloud account could be annoying if you have multiple people using the device, it’s nice that your text messages won’t be read aloud if you’re not home. Digital Trends also noted that any requests to Siri are encrypted before they reach Apple and not tied to your iCloud account. This makes it unique from Google Home or the Echo.

6You don’t have to yell.

You know how foolish it looks (and sounds) when you see (and hear) someone yelling at their smart speaker? Well, Refinery29 reported that you could quietly ask Siri on the HomePod to change the volume or switch songs, and the intelligent personal assistant would respond.

No screaming at technology required.

7You want a high-quality speaker.

In Digital Trends’ review of the HomePod, the site’s biggest takeaway was its “brilliant sound.” So if you consider purchasing the speaker to be an investment in your home stereo system, then it makes sense.

8It’s cheaper than a Google Home Max.

Google’s best-sounding smart speaker is the Home Max, so — yet again — if top sound quality is what you’re going for, then you’ll actually save $50 with the HomePod, since Google Home Max is $399.

9You’d rather talk to Siri.

You don’t feel like talking to Alexa or Google Assistant? Well, then the HomePod with its intelligent personal assistant Siri is where it’s at.

As this is the first rollout of the HomePod, there will surely be new features added along the way. But if these nine reasons convinced you to go with Apple for your smart speaker, then what are you waiting for?