Apple is testing a new way to make emergency calls — this is so important

Apple iPhones have long had an emergency call feature on the lock screen, in the event that you need to make a call quickly, or perhaps from someone else’s phone. Now, though, Apple is testing a secret iPhone feature which will allow users to make emergency calls in an even more subtle and expedient way, in case of emergency.

Instead of swiping and dialing, the new feature will be activated when users press the power button five times in a row. There will be additional precautions to try to prevent accidental calls, but we’re kinda super into this new, protective feature.

It’s clearly needed, since it seems like every few days you hear about a new app to help alert loved ones or police discretely from your phone in case of emergency.

And by enabling an emergency call with just pressing the button five times, it makes it something one might be able to utilize in the event that you’re not able to actually speak on the phone, or if you need to call for help but don’t want to alert somebody to the fact that you’re doing so. We hope that none of us are ever in a situation to need this, but knowing it could be rolled out is pretty comforting.

This function is only available to developers who have the iOS 10.2 Beta 2 update, currently, but hopefully it’ll become part of an official iOS 10 update soon!

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