Jill Layton
Updated Jul 20, 2016 @ 11:55 am
Credit: Jill Layton/Snow

The best part of Snapchat is getting a glimpse into the lives of your favorite friends and favorite celebrities on a daily basis.

JK the best part of Snapchat is the filters. Duh.

Sure, filters can be totally shallow and pretentious and reliant on unrealistic expectations of human beings, but you GUYS. Filters make everything more fun, right?

Exhibit A: Me at my happiest looking more fun AND attractive.

Credit: Jill Layton

And guess what? Life with Snapchat is about to get even better.

The Korean company Naver (the developer behind LINE messenger) created a Korean Snapchat clone called Snow. Snow basically copies every Snapchat feature, but focuses more on the idea that humans love taking selfies. Like, so much.

The app is loaded with filter after filter after filter times a bajillion.

You can turn your face into all different shapes and sizes, you can blow dry your nose hairs, you can turn into comic book ladies, etc. etc.. And it’s SO weird and fun.

Besides Stretch Armstrong-ing your face, other features include a GIF maker (just like Instagram’s Boomerang) and stories that last for 72-hours (as opposed to Snapchat’s 24 hours).

Also, after you open a message, it’ll disappear so you won’t get confused as to who you’re in an active conversation with and who you accidentally ignored but are going to keep ignoring.

The app has been downloaded over 30 million times in Asia. It’s possible it’s so incredibly popular in China because Snapchat is blocked from the country. If you aren’t interested in replacing Snapchat, you can always just use the filters from Snow and save them to your phone. Because Snapchat now allows you to upload pics and video from your camera roll.

So basically it’s more of a fun camera app than a social media service, and we’re totally fine with that.

Credit: Jill Layton/Snow

You can download the app here.