Illustrations Of Facebook Inc.'s Instagram As App Changes Its Look
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Social media is a way of life, nowadays. There’s practically no escaping it. Though studies vary when it comes to whether our fave platforms like Twitter and Facebook are good or bad for our mental health, at this point we should all be aware that these apps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Despite the admittedly real problems with social media – the way it makes rampant online bullying that much easier, for one – there *are* benefits to be “plugged in” (so to speak). Virtually every major celebrity has a social media presence of some kind, whether it’s on traditional platforms or newer ones, like Snapchat. It’s just ~so easy~ to connect with your favorite celebs via social media, tuning in to see what they’re wearing, what new projects they’re working on, and so much more.

Even TV networks are getting in on the fun, looking towards broadcasting actual shows on Snapchat.

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With the addition of live video to several platforms, it’s that much easier to broadcast yourself to your followers, connecting instantly. Facebook and Twitter have both had these features for awhile (and Snapchat, of course, is all about that live experience), but Instagram has lagged behind all of the rest when it comes to this.

But we can all rejoice now because it looks like a live video feature might FINALLY be coming to Instagram, as part of its next upgrade for Instagram Stories.

As reported by Mashable, a Russian publication called T Journal first published that a Russian Instagram user had discovered what seems to be a beta version of the new live video feature.

T Journal shared photos and a video, showing an icon with the “Live” badge on it in the Stories section of the app.

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A “Go Insta!” option also appears in the Camera section, along with a “Schedule” button in the top right corner, according to the report.

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Instagram declined to comment on the photos when Mashable reached out. The news outlet also pointed out that Facebook and Instagram have both been known to test out significant new features outside of the U.S. first.

If that’s indeed the case, then, depending on how these apparent tests go, we could be seeing this new feature in the next Insta update. Fingers crossed that this cool new option makes its way onto the app proper!