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Credit: Brian Kane/ https://www.facebook.com/hdadd/videos/vb.655185264/10157576067105265/?type=2&theater

Today in “so weird but so good,” someone made the Alexa voice talk through a Big Mouth Billy Bass. As you can imagine, it’s super strange and funny!

The interesting invention is basically Alexa, the helpful voice of Amazon Echo, coming out a Big Mouth Billy Bass. The Big Mouth Billy Bass, was, of course, the best novelty singing fish toy you could buy starting in the early 2000s. It looked like a typical taxidermy fish, but it moved on motion censor and sung fish themed songs like “Take Me to the River.” (Hey, they were simpler times!)

Combined, they create an unholy hybrid that is our current strange tech obsession!

According to Gizmodo, the creator of this odd invention is developer and artist Brian Kane. Kane specializes in creating bizarrely amusing art and tech projects. He didn’t explain how exactly he did it, but he made it so Alexa talks through a Big Mouth Billy Bass. Not like we want to try this at home or anything, but we are super curious as to how this wizardry went down!

This creation the perfect mix of surreal, upsetting, and hilarious. We definitely love this Billy/Alexa mashup, we just maybe don’t want to be in the same room as it for too long. Or, you know, ever

It is, after all, a little unnerving.

But you can’t really blame Bilexa (our new celebrity couple name for the abomination). Like all creations, it didn’t ask to be born! It just wants help you navigate Amazon. While turning it’s head at you kind of creepily.

Either way, it is definitely impressive and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!