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It’s the worst when you’re trying to find your Airbnb — but then you lose cell reception. But, that problem may be fixed. Airbnb is working on this handy device to help travelers stay connected anywhere in the world, reported BuzzFeed News. The dl? It’s a patent in the application process, which Airbnb originally filed in October 2016, according to CB Insights. It’s titled “Beam Device Architecture” and comes to the rescue when people are in areas with limited internet connectivity. YAS, please. The patent also mentions areas in less developed parts of the world, i.e., Asia and Latin America, where Airbnb has a presence.

I’m sure we’d ~all~ be into this device, right?! No matter where we are in the world!

So, instead of having to rely on your cellular data if you’re traveling, and if you can’t connect to WiFi, you’d use this beam device.

The device itself is circular and resembles a white ball, with a smaller silver ball on the top, according to a photo on CB Insights.

Three parts are necessary for it to work, according to the patent filing, reported BuzzFeed News. Your iPhone or computer, the beam modem (i.e., circular device), and a beam API server. When you still have an internet signal, the beam API server would obtain the info about where you’re going and the client device would receive it.

Of course, now we need to hope that the beam device becomes a reality. Meanwhile, all this talk of traveling is giving us #VacationGoals, so brb as we go look at some travel destinations and Airbnbs…