teacher birthday party prank
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Is it too early to submit nominations for Teacher of the Year awards? This sudden urge to reward educational excellence was brought on by a group of students who threw their teacher a surprise birthday party that basically ended before it even got started.

Now, that probably sounds like we want to award the wrong people, but here’s the deal: As BuzzFeed reports, Jonathan Takagi and Noah Endermann both teach at Escondido Charter High School in California. They have a tradition of throwing birthday parties for one another.

But this year, the teachers gave themselves a gift in the form of this hilarious prank they pulled on their students.

On Endermann’s birthday, a group Takagi’s students entered his classroom singing “Feliz Cumpleaños,” but much to their surprise, the birthday boy was NOT having it. They carried on with their festivities until one student tried to lean in for a selfie with Endermann, but his over-the-top reaction brought the party to a screeching halt.

Now, we’ve heard about teachers becoming fed TF up with students using cell phones in class, but this was beyond scary. After Endermann slammed the student’s phone to the ground, the entire class and the party brigade were shocked into an impromptu version of the mannequin challenge.

Only it wasn’t a challenge — Endermann’s wrath had them physically frozen in place. That is, until the surprise-issuing students got the hint and slowly filed back out of the classroom.

As it turns out, Endermann doesn’t actually have an anger issue or hate his students (phew), but he and Takagi are the ultimate prank masters because they set this entire thing up from the get-go. After sufficiently scaring the crap out of the unsuspecting teens, Endermann and Takagi actually partied like the rock star teachers they are — with their students, of course.

GAH! Someone get these amazing teachers a raise ASAP.