Christina Pellegrini
April 10, 2016 1:46 pm
Facebook/Alexondra Purnamo

Alexondra Purnamo deserves the Teacher of the Year award.

Alexondra is a teacher in Italy, where her predominantly white class is composed of about 95 percent Italian kids.

One of her few black students, a lovely girl named Sasha, recently came to school without her braids, instead styling her shorter hair in a cute high bun. Sadly, the other kids made fun of her natural hair, and Sasha felt ashamed enough to start wearing a hat to cover it up. How sad!

Alexondra recognized this as a significant moment, both for Sasha’s feelings and for the children being heartless and discriminatory toward their classmate. She was quick to concoct a plan: Together with a fellow teacher at the school, she started teaching a lesson that hopefully none of the kids will forget. Yes, everyone is different, but it isn’t important “whether we are short, tall, light skinned, dark skinned, blond, brunette, with or without glasses, boy, girl, braid, bun, sneakers, shoes,” Alexondra writes.

Soon after, Sasha took her hat off, revealing her natural hair in a small bun on top of her head. The teachers adopted the look and called it the “Sasha bun.” The kids loved it:

Doesn’t that just give you all the feels? This is an amazing story of building acceptance in a group of young children — and making those who are mocked for being different feel important and accepted instead.