Rachel Paige
Updated Jun 21, 2015 @ 10:08 am

Taylor Swift is very busy right now, selling out arenas all over the country with her 1989 tour. But, our girl still manages to find time to hang out with fans in the best way possible. And she most definitely still has time to shut down ridiculous tabloid rumors and put those tabloids in their place.

Here’s the quick backstory to what Tay recently did, in case you somehow missed the oh-so-sweet news. At a concert meet and greet, a couple asked if she would help them announce their new pregnancy. Of course, Taylor said yes. It was an adorable moment announcing “Baby’s First Concert!” which is an adorable, sweet story, of course. However, UK’s OK! Magazine decided to spin the story in not a Taylor-approved way.

First off, the magazine led the story with a now-deleted Tweet that read: “Singer @taylorswift13 has made a ‘pregnancy announcement!'” It’s the definition of clickbait because yes, people are going to click on that Tweet no matter what, because we need to know what’s up. So, not only did they make it sound like Taylor had a very big (and very personal) announcement to make, in the body of the article itself, instead of identifying her as “rock star Taylor Swift” or “amazingly generous Grammy award winner Taylor Swift” or even a Taylor-approved “Cat Lady Taylor Swift” OK Magazine chose to refer to her as “Calvin Harris’ rumored girlfriend” and “Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend.” I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Ariana Grande was JUST talking about.

Naturally, when Taylor got wind of this, she wasn’t thrilled. So, she responded in the most beautiful way, with the most beautiful shade.

Well done, Taylor. Now you can return to your already schedule day of being amazing.

(Image via here and here.)