Sammy Nickalls
April 20, 2016 8:02 am
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Prom season is coming up and we’re already hearing about super sweet “promposals.” The latest oh-so-adorable invite comes from a Special Olympian who attends San Marino High School in California and has a rad video asking his favorite musician to fulfill one of his wildest dreams. (Yep, it’s a pun, because we’re talking about Taylor Swift here.)

Anthony Rodela, who goes by “Swaggy Tony,” stars in this promposal video film in March asking his fave singer to attend prom on May 14 — while also showcasing his basketball moves.


“All right, Taylor, I’m your biggest fan,” he said in the video, which has since received over 7,500 views. “My favorite songs are ‘Wildest Dreams,’ ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Shake It Off.’ Taylor, I have one question for you: Will you go to prom with the Swaggy Tony? I really want to meet you, Swaggy Swift. We’re going to have a good time at the dance.”


It looks somewhat promising for Swaggy Tony: Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and Mila Kunis have all said “yes” to school dance invites and Taylor attended prom with a fan before. She did it back in 2007 — when she was about the age to go to prom herself — as part of MTV’s Once Upon A Prom. She also personally responded to the request of Kevin McGuire back in 2012, a teen with leukemia who asked her to his prom. At the time, Taylor told him that she couldn’t attend prom but invited him to the Academy of Country Music Awards. (Unfortunately, he was too sick to be able to attend, but Taylor invited him again the next year and he was able to come.)

We can only hope that Taylor sees Swaggy Tony’s video and accepts, because really, who can resist his charms?