Eliza Gold
Updated May 01, 2018 @ 12:15 pm

Sometimes it seems like whatever Taylor Swift touches turns to gold. Music, models, mini skirts..anything she approves gets an invisible stamp, a golden glow that makes life a little bit brighter. Except, apparently, for eggs.

In a series of videos the 26 year-old singer posted to Instagram, Swift battled her 24 year-old brother Austin in an egg-to-egg challenge. The game is to charge the eggs at each other with the goal of cracking the opponent’s egg while keeping your egg in tact.

In the first video, captioned “Easter Battles 2016,” Austin explained the game to his sister, who pulled ahead with beginner’s luck.

Unfortunately, round two wasn’t as prosperous for the “Blank Space” singer. She captioned this round “A Devastating Loss.”

“It went to battle before. This isn’t fair,” Taylor lamented after her egg cracked. “I used this one last round.”

Round three, captioned “Ground Yourself,” showed Austin seemingly rise out of his chair, which his sister interpreted as a precarious move, perhaps bending the rules of the Greek Easter tradition.

But Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift, “Easter Battles” 2016 were all done in good fun, with a perfect manicure, and with a giant, unacknowledged bunny stuffed animal sitting in the foreground of the videos like an all-too patient referee.

In case you forgot, Easter is a big holiday in the Swift household. For Easter 2015, the singer posted hilarious videos of herself and Austin on a very competitive Easter egg hunt, as well as a picture of an elaborate gift from the Easter Bunny, aka Mama Swift.

We don’t know how it’s possible, but Taylor even seems to make chocolate-filled holidays a little better.