Taylor Swift is continuously lauded for how amazing she is, whether it’s due to her music, style, generous spirit, business acumen, or one of her other 394,283 positive qualities. But with spotlight comes challenges, as Swift has probably realized considering she is sometimes at the center of controversy; notably, she was recently accused of stealing some of her “Shake It Off” lyrics from a lesser-known artist – a case that was thrown out ceremoniously by the coolest judge that ever existed.

And now, unfortunately, she is under fire again. New Orleans-based artist Ally Burguieres has taken to social media to claim that Swift has used some of her artwork without her permission to promote her album 1989 – specifically, a fox print Burguieres sells on her website to promote “I Know Places,” which Swift posted on Instagram on Halloween last year but has since been removed.

In retaliation of the incident, Burguieres posted a letter on Swift’s Facebook wall this past Friday, detailing what transpired and how she felt slighted by the actions of Swift’s team.

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