Know that saying, “I could do that in my sleep?” It means something comes so easy and natural to you, you could do it while deep in a REM cycle. That saying has now taken on a whole new meaning for our girl Taylor Swift, who can actually write songs in her sleep. As in, dream them, and wake up in the morning and remember them.

I mean, doesn’t everyone write songs for their upcoming album in their sleep? Literally?

Swift is on the cover of GQ right now, and for it she was interviewed by Ryan Adams. If your up to date on your Swift News, you know that Adams covered 1989, because sometimes the world is a strange and magical place. Anyway. The two sat down to chat, and Adams asked Tay the tough questions. Like, ever dreamed a song and woke up the next morning and remembered it? That’s half the battle right there. Dreams seem to disappear from memory the moment you open your eyes.

But this is Swift we’re talking about. Of course she’s dreamed a song before, and of course she woke up the next morning and remembered enough of it to write it down. The song was, “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” and the part she dreamed was the really high-pitched, “STAY!”

“I had a dream that my ex showed up at my door, knocked on the door, and I opened it up,” she explained in the interview. “I was about ready to launch into like the perfect thing to say, and instead all that would come out of my mouth was that high-pitched chorus of people saying ‘Stay!’ And then you go to say something else and it’s just ‘Stay! Stay! Stay!'”

Adams mentions that part is “super weird,” which is why he didn’t even attempt it on his cover of the song. No worries. We’ve got Swift’s OG version stuck in our head now along with that high-pitched “STAY.” Wonder what song she’s going to dream up next.

(Image via YouTube.)