Taurus Full Moon
Credit: Martin Konopka / EyeEm / Getty Images

Another month, another full moon. This November’s just so happens to fall at the very beginning of the month on November 3rd/4th (depending on where you live, of course). This moon is propelling us into the holiday season with a kiss and a shove. Full moons are the most energetically potent time of year, when we’re able to manifest or banish, depending on what we need. And this month, we’re in for a special treat, as the moon is a Taurus Full Moon, with Taurus being an earth sign, queen of luxury.

The sun is in water sign Scorpio, giving everything an otherworldly feel, since Scorpio rules over sex, death, and transformation. But today’s full moon is all about Taurus; the sign ruled by Venus, the Friday-ruling planet of love, sex, and beauty. Taurus is like that one friend you have who’s always put-together. They love luxury; they love to eat delicious food, wear beautiful clothing, and bask in the finer things. Today’s an invitation to tap into your own sense of luxury, and allow yourself to really feel it.

The full moon is asking us what we want, what we need, and what we desire. It’s then having us let go of what’s not in line with that. Since Taurus is an earth sign, we also see our own sense of grounding and structure more clearly.

Once again, we’re being asked what makes us feel grounded and supported, and then we’re tasked with how we can turn this into a luxury.

The Numinous breaks this down in their full moon report, saying,

The tarot card associated with Venus is The Empress.

The Empress is the ultimate receiver and the ultimate mother, who gives unconditionally while still being open to receive. She knows what she needs and she lets herself have it. She sees what needs to be harvested and then she harvests it. This full moon is asking you to embrace this concept. You can do this by making a list of what you want and need, and then place it somewhere you can see it. Take some time today, or over the next 2.5 days while the moon is still in Taurus, to treat yourself. Ask yourself “what will make me feel more present in my body and life” — and then go there.

As AstroStyle says in their ways to keep grounded this full moon,

If you don’t know what you want or need, try journaling. You can ask yourself: “What’s missing from my life that would help me feel fulfilled?” “What luxuries can I incorporate into my life?” “How can I allow myself to spend without feeling guilty or unworthy?” or “How can asking for what I want allow me to receive more openly?” A big step in getting what we want is asking for it, and as long as we’re not comfortable with using our voice, we’ll never be able to receive as fully as possible.

AstroStyle also recommends that we channel the energy of the full moon by wearing the color blue and working with the throat chakra. They say,

You can try working with pyrite, blue lace agate, clear quartz, and lapis lazuli to help tap into this energy, and allow yourself to feel comfortable asking for what you need. This full moon puts a big ole mirror in front of your sense of worth, luxury, and stability, so see what’s missing and hone your focus there.

Also, don’t be afraid to indulge! Astrologer Amelia Quint reminds us,

So this full moon, do something that lights up your life. Wear that lingerie, eat that cake, and go online shopping. The moon’s pretty much asking you to do so anyway, so no guilt necessary. Enjoy the little things and have the best full moon ever.