Amanda Malamut
February 26, 2017 11:47 am
Nicole Mabry/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” After Mitch McConnell uttered those words about Elizabeth Warren, women around the country took the phrase and made it into a battle cry. Many women posted images and stories online, while others wanted to make the phrase a permanent part of their body.

Writer Nora McInerny felt inspired to get a tattoo of the phrase, designed by graphic designer Chelsea Brink, and accidentally ignited a movement when she created a Facebook event set to public rather than private. Originally, she planned for a few friends joining her in getting her ink. Within a few days, 1,900 people had joined the event!

Luckily for the tattoo artists, 1900 people didn’t show up on Tuesday. But 150 women lined up outside of the designated tattoo shop to get their tattoo. For nine hours, artists at Brass Knuckle Tattoo Shop tattooed woman after woman (and a couple of men) with the phrase.

For each $75 tattoo, the event donated $55 to Women Winning, a nonprofit organization which supports pro-choice candidates. While they were only able to tattoo 70 people (because they ran out of supplies), the event was able to raise over $4000 for the cause!

Mary Beth Settergren, 54, told local outlet KWBU she got her first-ever tattoo “so I can look at it.”

The woman who started it all stands by her decision to honor the quote.

It’s cool to see so many women band together to make a statement and make a difference. Go ladies, go!