Rebecca Vineyard
August 29, 2015 1:11 pm

We have to admit, lately we’ve been feeling some serious love for Target. First, they do away with gendered signage in their toy department, for which we give them serious props. Now, they might be innovating to make the shopping experience a whole lot more fun.

According to Cosmopolitan, one store slated to open in Chicago this fall is looking to serve cocktails and sell bottled liquor. BRB, we’re just going to go choreograph a dance with those red carts set to Aladdin’s A Whole New World,” in preparation for its opening.

Crain’s Chicago reveals that the retailer applied for two liquor licenses: one that would allow them to serve alcohol on-site, and one that would enable them to sell packaged beer, wine, and spirits (the latter is already available in some Target locations). If approved, the new store (which will be 24,000 square feet) will be the booziest Target in the land.

This would be the first location in the whole of the company to serve alcohol on site, and would follow in the footsteps of a nearby Whole Foods, which has a full-service bar.

On the one hand, perusing Target with a buzz sounds seriously fun. On the other hand it might make for some extra difficulties while decision-making, and does anyone need to agonize over buying a comforter or that new Essie shade or all those dollar boxes of candy more than they already do? (SO MANY CUTE OPTIONS, HOW DO I CHOOSE?!)

According to Crain’s, Target is taking part in a growing trend of retailers serving beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks in an effort to get customers to frequent their stores and spend more time while there.

We agree that a full service bar would make a pretty compelling reason to chill at Target. Of course, we do worry about the heightened potential for impulse buying all the accessories, and all the snacks. And, whether you’re at Target or not, remember to ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY (seriously guys —driving drunk is never, ever OK. Make sure you have a responsible DD). 

Bottom line? If Target’s new plan goes through, let’s hope they have a generous return policy.

(Image via iStock)