Amanda Marie
January 17, 2016 12:09 pm

Another Target employee is going viral, and this time it’s not Alex. Ishmael, an employee at the Glendale Target, is warming hearts all over the globe thanks to a Facebook post from Sarah Owen Bigler, which has been shared more than 20,000 times.

Sarah, a mom of two, picked up her kids from school and headed out to for a quick Target run before returning home to her sick husband. There’s usually nothing “quick” about a Target run, but that’s because we get distracted by the killer shoes and cute home decor. Not this time.

As Sarah tells it, she managed to find a line with just one elderly woman, so she rushed to get her items up on the conveyor belt and get out of there. Quickly, she realized that the woman in front of her was paying for each item separately, and with change. After a long day, would we really blame Sarah for being frustrated that her quick trip turned out to be not to so quick? Luckily, Sarah ended up witnessing something truly amazing and those feelings of frustration were easily curbed. Ishmael, the cashier helping the elderly woman, was exercising amazing patience and kindness by helping her with her change, affirming she counted correctly, and treating her with the respect and kindness she deserved.

Sarah, and her daughter Eloise, watched on with admiration as he calmly finished up with the customer. When the cashier finally was able to help Sarah cash out her things, he apologized to her for the wait and thanked her for her patience, but Sarah was the one thanking him for teaching her and her daughter a lesson in kindness.

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She was so impressed, that she decided to make her “quick trip” even longer by making her way through the store so she could find the manager and let them know about what she just witnessed. After singing Ishmael’s praises to the store manager, Sarah and her family headed home with not only a cart full of goodies, but an invaluable lesson in kindness and humanity.

We all have those tough days where we just can’t wait to get home, and having that derail can be such a bummer. We commend Sarah for her ability to self reflect and realize that another 20 minutes in line at Target can earn you a life lesson or two. We commend Ishmael for having the patience and kindness to respect all customers. You both gave us the warm fuzzies, and for that, we thank you.

(Image via Facebook)