Kit Steinkellner
September 06, 2015 7:59 am

Teens have grown up in a world in which today’s technology has been the norm since they were pint-size. Which means they are super-fluent in all post-2000 devices, but it also means that they sometimes can make hilarious mistakes when they encounter old-timey tech.

Such was the case for one teen from Lockport, NY, who brought his older car into his local dealership, complaining that the iPhone dock didn’t work. When a dealership rep inspected the interior, he discovered that the teen had been trying to use his older car’s tape deck as an iPhone dock, because, apparently, he didn’t know what a tape deck looked like/was.

Here is the hilarious photographic evidence:

And… now millennials everywhere are feeling super-old. It’s okay, what goes around comes around and this kid will feel the pain in a couple of decades when HIS kid mistakes their old car’s USB port for, like, a 3D printer, or whatever crazy things cars are going to have on the dashboard in the future.


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