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Friday Night Lights might’ve been about living and breathing football in Texas, but it was actually about so much more. Sure the football aspect was awesome and there were a LOT of hotties that not so secretly made you want to live in Dillon, Texas, but it was Tami Taylor who kept us coming back for more, well her and her amazing husband Coach Eric Taylor.

While Coach Taylor was the man on the series, it was Tami who we wanted (and still want) to be when we grww up. She was the best role model ever and if you aren’t obsessed with her you should watch FNL right now and trust me, you’ll understand. No matter what she did, she did it with confidence, y’all and we’ll forever love her and Texas, because Texas forever y’all. Okay, sorry about all the y’alls but we just wanted to sound like Tami. Is that a crime? See why she’s the best role model ever below.

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Guiding young minds was literally her job. She was a guidance counselor for goodness sakes. Need we say more?

Her fashion game was on point. Your role model should have pride in their appearance and that’s one department Tami always had down. She was fabulous and she was always put together… always.

Badass attitude. She might’ve come off as a nice southern belle, but Tami was a strong and tough lady. She didn’t fall for people’s tricks and she never backed down from a challenge. Plus, she was NOT a pushover.


She never gave up. No matter who was disobeying or annoying Tami, she never gave up on them. For example when Tyra Collette was being her bad girl self throughout high school, Tami never stopped pushing her to focus and make her life better and it finally worked. It took a while but it did work.

Life lesson guru. Honestly, some people might think that Coach Taylor was the guy to turn to for advice, but it was actually his wife Tami that you should’ve listened to. She always knew what to say. One of her greatest lines was, “You belong anywhere you want.” That is pure gold.

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She was selfless. When her husband Eric needed her to move her life and change jobs, she willingly did it, time and time again. That didn’t however stop her from achieving her goals. It did push them back a little bit, but she took it in stride because she was selfless.

Keep calm and act like Tami. Come on, Tami was a pro under pressure. Nothing seemed to phase her, even when she got in trouble after telling Becky Sproles about her options when she became pregnant, one of them being an abortion. She was in SO much trouble, but she didn’t panic and handled it with ease with the school board.


The ultimate cheerleader. Was anyone a bigger fan of the Dillon panthers and Coach Taylor? No! Tami was not only rooting for the team and her husband week after week, but she was the town and the school’s biggest supporter. She really did want them to succeed at everything.

Her bond with Julie. Yes, Tami and Julie had a LOT of ups and downs as mother and daughter, but no matter what stupid thing Julie did, Tami always had her back. They were actually best friends when it came down to it and it was a relationship we should all strive to have.

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She believed that everyone could be better. It didn’t matter if you were Tim Riggins or Buddy Garrity, everyone in Tami’s life could do better and be better. Tami never took no for an answer and believed in the goodness of all of her friends and family. Maybe she was a little optimistic, but in the end everyone she told to reach for the stars ended up touching them.

Love, love, love. Is any couple as cute as Eric and Tami? There might be a few, but we can’t think of any. This duo was all about love and happiness. Even when their lives were coming undone and they had to switch to East Dillon, they had each other and that’s all that mattered.

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One hot mama. She had a baby when she thought she was too old and she rocked at being an “older” mom. Plus, she was able to balance being a mom to a baby and keeping her career afloat and her house in order. She was a modern-day kickass mama and we loved it.

When the time was right she fought for what she deserved. Throughout the show, Tami was always putting her career on the back burner (she did however accomplish a LOT during this time), but in the series finale she told Eric it was her time and he needed to support her. He did, because they were perfect and she got the job she always deserved… Head Dean at a college in Philadelphia.

She was everyone’s mom. There were a lot of characters on FNL that had terrible home lives or absent parents, so Tami and Coach Taylor basically adopted them. As the team’s go-to mom, Tami did everything from let someone stay at their home to help them through a crisis of faith and family. She was the ultimate mom and we loved her for it.

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Throughout Friday Night Lights, I came to love football even more than I had before and I was seriously considering moving to Texas for a chance to meet my Tim Riggins. The best part however of the series was Tami Taylor. She was everything and looking back she was the perfect role model. Perfect, y’all. In Tami we trust!