Margaret Eby
February 19, 2015 9:42 am

We’ve seen our share of offensive T-shirts, but we haven’t been checking the labels for sexism. Thanks to Italian clothing brand Shoeshine, we’ll get on that.

The clothing store, based in northern Italy, tacked on an extra little bit of instruction to the normal cleaning and care directions on the labels of a line of guys’ T-shirts. At the end of the tag, which details washing and drying instructions, the label states: “Give it to your Mum it’s her job!!!!”

Say wha? Is this 1956? Did someone not get the memo that laundry is not exclusively the province of women? I get that it’s supposed to be a joke, but dudes, not funny. It’s insulting to women, it’s pretty infantilizing to men, too. Can’t guys do their own washing and ironing these days? Yes, they can and they do!

A local Italian official, Federica Mazzoni, called out the company for the label that “perpetuates a sexist message about mothers and women.”

“It suggests women have no other skills than staying at home and turning a knob to 30,” she told Yahoo UK. She noticed the message after a friend bought the cardigan for her son.

A company distributor dismissed the idea that the label is offensive. “There is no kind of sexist irony,” he said to Tgcom24. “It’s just a simple joke aimed at teenagers who are our target.”

As of yet, no one at Shoeshine has issued an apology. Maybe they’re waiting for their moms to do it for them. Oh snap.

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