synchronized swimmers Underwater Formations
Credit: Andrey Nekrasov/ Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

As if this unique water sport weren’t already captivating enough, here’s a video of synchronized swimming filmed upside down that kind of has us ready to throw on our swimsuits and caps to give it a try. On second thought, we’d probably be better off getting some practice in with a synchronized swimming skit because executing difficult acrobatics beneath the water is way more difficult than it looks.

In the video titled “Walking on Water,” we catch a glimpse of a group of synchronized swimmers doing some intricate choreography in a pool, but the angle of the upside-down camera makes it look like they’re dancing on the surface of the water.

Whoa! Is that not the coolest thing ever? If you’ve ever watched these super impressive athletes perform one of their routines while competing at the Olympic Games, you already know that synchronized swimmers put on one hell of a show above the water.

But seeing all the coordinated maneuvers that take place beneath the surface (and upside down, no less) leaves us with an even greater appreciation for the skill, strength, and breathing capacity that it takes to make these extremely challenging underwater formations look so beautiful and effortless.

Srsly, synchronized swimmers are total bosses.

Absolutely breathtaking. These moves put our doggie paddling and backstrokes to shame, that’s for sure! Now, if we could only master looking this graceful and elegant when walking upright and on dry land, all would be right with the world.