If you haven’t heard of the best fest down under, Vivid Sydney is a month long celebration of light, music and ideas. Now in its ninth year, and going strong, the festival brings art, commerce and technology together in one city. To kick off the annual festival, the world-famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge lit the night. With colors so bright and vibrant, we felt like Alice exploring Wonderland for the first time.

The photos simply speak for themselves. Feast your eyeballs on these!

We swear we teleported to another dimension! Strobe-y and saturated goodness.

Enough trippy-ness to make Lewis Carroll proud. All we’re missing are encounters with the Mad Hatter, the Queen and the Cheshire Cat.

Hang on, we are experiencing a pleasant color overload.

One pedestrian, our new hero, captured this breathtaking overview.

Notice all of the different elements, if you will, and lights floating through the night. We had to watch it a few times.

What about this projected tree? They call it the Urban Tree.

We love the blue birds fly through the branches of the tree. The details are memorizing!

Let’s not forget the unforgettable Harbour Bridge.

The blue lights cast such a lovely blue glow over the water, don’t they? It perfectly compliments the passing boat. Could this be a case of photo kismet, do you think?

Just one more for your viewing pleasure.

According to Vivid Sydney’s website, the festival:

Let’s add ‘magical,’ ‘transcendent,’ and ‘spectacular,’ we think, to the list of adjectives.

Other incredible lighting exhibits include Electric Hopscotch, Magicians of the Mist, the Octopoda, Canopy of Light and Gulliver’s Swift Travel Service. That’s only a small snippet of what’s being offered. To see the full list of events, visit their website!

The festival runs from May 26th til June 17th. Hurry! You have a narrow window to catch the extraordinary festival. It might just blow your mind!