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For many people, New Years Resolutions are filled with goals to help you become your best self. This can be anything from working out more and eating right, but what about your “bad language” habits? If you curse a lot, you may not necessarily need to change. According to a new study, science says that frequent swearing can be the sign of another good quality: honesty.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have recently surveyed a whopping 276 people about their most popular swear words and how often they’re used. They then asked participants about how often they try to blame others, cheat at games, and “take advantage of people.”

From that, these scientists were able to conclude that the ones that cursed the most lied the least.

How can that be? Well, as co-author David Stillwell said in a recent interview with The Daily Mail, it’s about socialization:

Don’t get us wrong — dropping F-bombs in front of Grandma may not be the wisest thing. But, if you’re not too concerned with changing your swearing habits, science says you may not have to get too down on yourself.