Jill Layton
May 05, 2015 12:45 pm

There’s an art project happening in Brazil that is not only beautiful, creative, messy, and adorable — it’s for a really good cause. Canismo is an art project that involves covering dogs available for adoption in non-toxic, edible paint (they’re totally safe!) and then letting nature take its’ course. Well, we all know what dogs do when they’re covered in anything wet — they shake! So the adorable and adoptable dogs shake, the paint goes everywhere, including splattering onto blank canvases that are set up next to the paint-soaked pups. Voila! Modern art.

The purpose of the project is to bring awareness to the adoptable animals at Procure1Amigo, an animal rescue organization in São Paulo, Brazil. If we, thousands of miles away, are aware of the dogs to be rescued at Procure1Amigo, then the initiative is not only creative it’s also totally working.

The project is beautifully explained in detail on the Canismo website:

Check out this stunning slow-mo video of the dogs as they shake their way into the art world:

The modern paintings and photos are scheduled to be shown at Perestroika São Paulo on May 9th, where they will also be available for purchase. For info on adopting one of these shelter dogs/artists, or sponsoring the dog-artists while they wait for adoption, check out their website.

Here are some of the fantastic photos and dog-created paintings:

Looks like some of our fave contemporary artists might actually walk on four legs.

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