Christina Wolfgram
Updated Feb 07, 2016 @ 12:30 pm

1. Here you are at a Super Bowl party. It’s the first football game you’ve watched since, well, last year’s Super Bowl.

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2. At the beginning, you try to fool everyone into thinking you’re a fan.

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3. You’re all like, “Yeah, I love football. Played a little powder puff in college.”


4. Someone asks, “Who’s your favorite team?”

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5. And you reply as honestly as you can: “Uhh .. the Titans …”

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6. “Remember them?”

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7. Luckily, the Super Bowl is less about football and more about snacks.

8. You even hit the veggie platter because #cleaneating #ranchdressing


9. The real MVP here is your cell phone, which lets you update your SnapChat story …


10. And check on the game you actually care about. (The Puppy Bowl!)

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11. Everyone else can cheer about first downs and coin tosses.


12. You’ll be over here, patiently waiting for the halftime show.

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