Anna Gragert
Updated Jul 29, 2016 @ 3:51 pm
Babies sitting on floor playing with blocks
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We may be able to check this summer’s most popular baby names at a glimpse, but it’s not as easy to quickly figure out what these monikers actually mean. Such a task requires a bit of research, but luckily, we are ready and willing to take on this challenge. Now, we’d like to present you with the meanings of this season’s most popular baby names…


1. Thomasin: This Hebrew baby name quite simply means “twin.”

2. Ruby: This first name, of course, was derived from the gem. It can be seen to mean “red” in English.

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3. Rae: Of Germanic origin, this moniker conveys the phrase “well-advised protector.” If you’re looking at it from an Old English perspective, it changes to be “doe.”

4. Eden: Biblically, this name references the Garden of Eden and literally symbolizes the word “delight.”

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5. Wren: In Welsh, these four letters add up to mean “ruler.” Yet, this title is actually of English origin and was inspired by the small songbird of the same name.

6. Leire: Interestingly enough, this name of Basque origin translates to “shed” or “hostel,” since it was derived from Spain’s Monastery of San Salvador of Leyre (which often provided travelers with shelter).


7. Kylo: This name can be translated as “victorious prince” or “royal victory.” And yes, it was popularized by Star Wars character Kylo Ren.

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8. Corin: This name of Latin origin can be converted into the word “spear.” To add to that, if you look at the Irish or Shakespearean side of things, this moniker means “spear bearer.”

9. Rex: When you take this simple title and look at its Latin origin, what you’ll find is that it represents the royal term “king.”

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10. Colm: We have another one of Latin origin – however, this one beautifully means “dove.”

11. Oak: This one, of course, refers to the tree that bears acorns as fruit.

12. Jace: Ooh! This name is based on the Old Greek phrase “to heal.”