Madison Vanderberg
August 01, 2016 8:44 am

Summer is officially here and if you ask us, Instagram was created for the summer months. Yeah, a photo of a steamy hot cappuccino is very gram-worthy, but there’s nothing like a summer insta feed that’s all inflatable pool toys and hike selfies.

These are the summer IG pics we’re ALL guilty of posting

Inflatable pool toys:

Flamingos, swans, PIZZA. Did summer even happen if you didn’t spend it atop a quirky inflatable pool toy?

A #takemeback photo:

Summer just started and you’re scrambling to roll out vacation photos, so instead just throw it back to that dope Caribbean trip you took four years ago! #TakeMeBack

Hot dog legs:


Disembodied hand holding a fruity drink:

Gotta show the people what you’re sipping on!

A sunburn pic:


Watermelons. Just, watermelons.

It’s basically the taste of summer.


Fair photos are 🔥 because it’s like, “Look how cool I am at this low-key hokey event.”

Hiking selfie:

Not a photo of your VIEW but rather, your FACE in front of the VIEW.

Ice cream, melting:

Summer ~essentials~

A flat lay of some kind of your outfit, sunglasses, makeup or whatever is getting you thru this #SummerDay

Summer weddings:



Putting all five of your paid vacation days to GOOD USE.


If you aren’t eating popsicles and photographing them IS IT EVEN SUMMERTIME!

What are you waiting for?! It’s #Summer2016! Get out there and start Instagramming!