Scarlet Meyer
Updated Jan 29, 2017 @ 4:31 pm
Credit: Libertad Leal Photography/Getty Images

Anyone with an Instagram accounts knows that there are a ton of great accounts out there. Pretty much for whatever your interests are, you can be sure there’s an amazing account out there waiting for you. However, sometimes we stumble across an Instagram account that is totally weird and beautiful, but not in a way that we were ever expecting. Enter Subway Hands: the most weirdly fascinating Instagram account that we never knew we needed. Although taking pictures of people’s hands at first might sound kind of odd, it isn’t really. When you think about there is a story in everyone’s hands.

For example, we can totally relate to this woman’s frustrated hands!

Here’s hoping that the next thing her hands held was a cup of tea or a glass of wine! We’ve all been there!

Other times people just have very interesting jewelry!

So cool how everyone knows how to rock their own individual style!

Other times people are holding unexpected objects.

We’re very impressed by that kid with the Rubix Cube!

Other time it just captures very beautiful moments.

Just your friendly, neighborhood, subway commuting Spiderman!

There are so much more gorgeous moments captured on this Instagram account, and we seriously recommend that you go take a look! It is definitely an interesting and fascinating lens to view New York City and the people who live there through. Everyone’s hands are as different as they are, and it’s so cool to see all the possibilities of this one concept!