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Being a photographer can be a very competitive market. With the prices of digital equipment constantly falling, it takes a lot less overhead to get into the game. Many photographers have to find a way to stand out and be unique in order to compete, especially in the popular but crowded wedding market. Enter Adam Opris, an incredible photographer who has found a way to stand out by going deep. And by deep, we mean underwater. That’s right, Adam’s signature photos are all taken underwater, and they are incredibly stunning.

Photographer Adam Opris’ beautiful underwater photos make everyone look like mermaids.

He makes brides look like mystical creatures in their wedding gowns.

And this newlywed couple looks like they’re living in a fairytale.

All that’s missing are Ariel’s underwater friends to sing for this stunning couple on their anniversary.

Adam also does underwater pregnancy pictures that are stunningly ethereal.

This fabulous lady looks like a mermaid swimming among the coral.

Adam Opris photography is based out of South Florida, and you can find his contact information and more on his website here.

We want to be a mermaid, like, right now!