Kenya Foy
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 3:56 pm
Credit: Maija Savolainen /

Staring into the sky during a picturesque sunset will have your mind wandering and epiphanies surfacing. Sunsets are absolutely magical (see: this year’s Manhattenhenge), which is why we are completely smitten with these stunning pastel sunset photos by artist Maija Savolainen.

In the series titled Paperworks (See/Sea), the pastel-hued pieces recreate the subtleties of sunsets in the most unique manner. At first glance, the images may appear to look like your typical twilight photo. However, Savolainen’s technique involved folding A4 paper sheets in half to recreate horizon lines. What appears to be subtly streaked skies is actually the result of the sunlight hitting the fold and projecting off to create the twilight look.

Credit: NBC /

These photos are ah-mazing. Now all we need are a pair of shades and a drink to get lost in these mesmerizing artistic sunsets.