Jill Layton
Updated Feb 18, 2015 @ 3:40 pm

Do you want to know an awesome thing? There’s a company out there that is making stuffed animal versions of our pets and they’re doing it so doggone well it’s kind of mind boggling. Now when we leave town for the weekend we don’t have to be totally bummed about saying goodbye to little Rex. Sure we’ll still be a little bummed, but being able to take a cuddly likeness of our pet with us is kind of the next best thing, TBH.

Cuddle Clones makes fully-customized stuffed animal versions of pets, and the results are so good, that it can seriously be hard to tell the difference between the stuffed version and the live version. For realz.

The co. has a pretty touching origin story too. Founder Jennifer Graham thought up the idea one day when she was cuddling with her Great Dane Rufus. She thought about how great it would be to have a stuffed animal version of Rufus, but not just a generic stuffed animal dog — she wanted something completely original that looked identical to Rufus. It wasn’t until Rufus died that Graham decided to start Cuddle Clones, and we’re really happy she did. Cuddle Clones’ president of marketing Adam Greene told Hello Giggles that the stuffed pets have proved really helpful to those who have lost animals. He said, “Once we made a few prototypes for customers who had lost pets and witnessed their reaction we knew we could help a lot of people deal with the grief over losing a pet.” Pretty sad and awwww, but keep in mind the stuffed animals can be made at anytime so it totally doesn’t need to be an in memoriam type of thing. Though it is a pretty beautiful way to honor a lost loved animal.

If you’d like a plush version of your pet, all you need to do is visit their website and send in a picture. The cost ranges from $129 to $199, which is obviously pretty pricey, but if you’re obsessed with your pet like I am, it’s pretty worth it. Also, judging by the pix that illustrate this fine replica craftsmanship, I’m not sure there’s anything cuter on the planet than an animal alongside they’re stuffed counterpart.

Check out some of the adorable, spot-on replicas:

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