Daryl Lindsey
December 08, 2016 12:04 pm

One heroic college student just proved that anything is possible, even getting extra credit your teacher says isn’t available — an email (a hilarious one) is all it takes.

Deondre Wallace, student at Missouri State University, really wants to get an A in one of his classes. The syllabus, unfortunately, clearly stated (in bold and all caps, no less) that no extra credit would be given.

But Deondre, the go-getter that he is, decided to try out an age-old mantra: ask and ye shall receive. 

Read his incredible email to his professor:

Deondre’s letter was respectful, warm-hearted, and, most importantly, quoted the wise, wise words of the Black Eyed Peas. How could you go wrong?

And, because duh, his teacher got back to him exactly seven minutes after he sent his masterpiece of an email.

Anyone else think Deondre just became hero of the year? We’re sure the rest of his class thinks so.