Credit: / ABC

Reporter Nima Shaffe was on location doing a live report for WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in Detroit when a stray kitten meowed her way into the newscast, and that’s when all cuteness broke loose.

Shaffe was right in the middle of his report on Gun Safety Week when the faint sounds of a kitten meowing could be heard on camera.

Here’s a brief snippet of the kitten making her television debut (listen closely for it at the end of the clip):

Shaffe and videographer Andy Zaremba were so enamored with the kitten (because duh, kittens), they started taking pictures and videos of her being all cute — as kittens do. They even gave her a name — Lucky Seven. They quickly realized that Lucky Seven was sadly all by herself. false

Here’s a ridiculously adorable behind the scenes shot of the kitten photobombing the live shot: false

Back in the studio, the anchors were equally as obsessed with the kitten. So much so, she became a news story. They followed up with Shaffe to learn more about his new tiny friend.

Whether she meant to be or not, Lucky Seven is now a TV star. Thanks to her persistence, she has been taken in by the Humane Society of Huron Valley and will be ready for adoption in the next few weeks. And to absolutely no one’s surprise, people are already lining up to give her a forever home.