Credit: Denizli Radio and Television

And now for the obligatory dose of daily cat news: An adorable stray kitten crashed a live news broadcast and you will immediately want to adopt it and hug it and love it because ZOMG, so cute.

The Daily Dot reports that Kudret Çelebioğlu, the host for the Turkish show Good Morning Denizli, was pleasantly surprised when a cat casually strolled onto the set during his Tuesday broadcast. Instead of lurking in the background, the cute kitty cautiously peered over the desk before hopping on top of it to take its rightful place in front of the camera.

The friendly feline made quite the co-host:

Aw! So we got halfway through Googling “How to adopt a random cat from Turkey” and discovered that Çelebioğlu’s surprise on-air companion was apparently adopted by one of the show’s staff members.

Credit: NBC /

SIGHS. We’re totally bookmarking this video to re-watch for those moments when life won’t stop sucking.