BenBen the cat
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We all need a little light in our lives, and this story of the “saddest cat in the world” getting adopted is certainly that.

Given that we’re low key (okay high key) obsessed with cats and all things cute and cuddly, we love hearing stories about animals that are just to cute to function. What’s more, we love hearing about when those animals are saved. That’s why we’re totally obsessed with the tale of ginger tabby cat, BenBen.

Apparently BenBen was living out his final days in an animal shelter and was just days away from death 🙁

This is BenBen…

BenBen was brought into the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as a stray. According to a post on Pored Panda he was covered in cuts, had a crushed spine, and a cauliflower ear having been attacked by a larger animal. Vets said that it was unlikely that he’d walk again, too. And, due to too much skin on his face, he had a look of perpetual unhappiness.

Basically, BenBen was in a bad way.

Due to his medical conditions, staff at BC SPCA decided that BenBen would probably be un-adoptable and that it would be kinder to put him down.

However, after a seeing a picture of BenBen on the shelter’s website, a woman, who works for an ER vet clinic, decided that she could save the kitty.

The woman and her partner figured that they had to give BenBen another chance at life.

Picking BenBen up and taking him home, the couple said that while he was at the shelter he had been refusing to eat or drink, and that the poor thing had basically given up on life.

However, things changed when they took him home.

Basically, it seems that BenBen is thriving.

We’re crying, are you crying? We just LOVE this story of BenBen the cat and his road to recovery. Not only is it super inspiring, but it’s just so heartwarming to see how he’s bounced back from life’s adversities and is now happy and healthy.

You can check out more of BenBen’s adventures on his Instagram account. We highly recommend it.