This store is giving away free sex toys on Election Day — let freedom ring!


Election Day may be a stressful time for many folks — especially this year — but one store is hoping to change all that… by giving away free sex toys on Election Day! Babeland, one of New York City’s most famous sex-positive adult toy store, was giving away two of their popular items to the first 100 customers that mentioned the word “vote” today in stores, according to Glamour.

Customers had a choice between the Babeland Silver Bullet and the Babeland Anal Beads — with both sex toys guaranteed to spice up your sex life.

But even more than that, these products help to show that we’re more united than we think. Babeland made an Eventbrite page, “Come Together,” that discussed why they chose to include these two products in the giveaway.

Surprisingly, a survey by the company found that Democrats were prefer masturbating using sex toys, while Republicans prefer using anal products.

The only thing on our minds today. #vote #nastywoman #letsdothis

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So no matter what party you identify with, there’s a toy for you — hooray! And with sex bringing a multitude of positives to those who engage in it regularly — a lowered stress level, more regulated moods, and overall increased happiness — it’s even more reason to let freedom ring.

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Even if you weren’t able to make it to one of the Babeland NYC locations, you can still join in on the fun by using either “blue” or “red1” on your online purchases. Happy de-stressing on this Election Day!

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