For those of us with an iPhone and a propensity to glue ourselves to social media, let’s take a moment to mourn how quickly our phone batteries drain. I personally own multiple mobile phone chargers, just in case something goes awry on days when I can’t get to a power outlet easily. And on theme-park days, when I have to turn the brightness turned all the way up to compete with the relentless Florida sunlight? Forget it. I also keep my phone plugged in 24/7 to the point of irrationality because who knows when a zombie apocalypse will rear its ugly head and require me to have 100% battery at any given moment? Google Maps, guys. We’ll need it. And furthermore, it might be really sunny out that day.

But fear not, my friends, because the root of the problem may finally be here – and it’s not brightness, background refreshing, unnecessary app motion, or the billion other things we’ve already addressed time and time again. IT’S FACEBOOK. Cue Dramatic Gopher.

We kid, as it’s obviously not ALL Facebook’s fault, but many users have been complaining about the app being primarily to blame. One of these users – Matt Galligan, co-founder of former news site Circa – said the app was responsible for draining 15 percent of his iPhone6 Plus battery over a seven-day span.

But the newest fixes for the social-media giant’s iOS app promises to make its associated iPhone battery drainage a thing of the past. According to PC Magazine, the update – version 42.0, which was released yesterday – addresses issues with the app’s code that were causing unnecessary battery strain. These included a CPU spin in the network code that was stuck on repeat, as well as the app continuing to run audio from a video “silently” after it was closed.

Engineering manager Ari Grant posted on Facebook yesterday to apologize for the issues, explain the changes, and assure the app’s users that their batteries would be affected less as a result of the update.

That’s great and all, but what do we need to do to make the drainage stop right now? Simple. Step one: Go to Facebook for Mobile or the app store on your phone. Step two: Download the latest version of Facebook. Step three: Feel like you just did something amazingly productive today.

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